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Minister Alisa Gooding

Minister Alisa Gooding

Minister Alisa has been a member and served at LGCC since its inception in 2007. A graduate of the Ministry Training Institute, Alisa has been called into the five/fold ministry to teach the Word of God with simplicity and understanding. Alisa is currently pursuing the Master in Divinity degree at Fuller Theological Seminary. Minister Gooding serves as President of the LGCC Board of Directors and ministry Director of Ministry Operations. Minister Gooding, her husband Tim and daughter Jessica are native New Yorkers who have lived in the Phoenix metropolitan area for over 25 years.
Dr. Gabor S. Jilly

Minister Sabrina Davis

Minister Sabrina has been involved in ministry since she was a teenager helping her youth Pastors lead the teen ministry. Sabrina graduated from Ministry Training Institute in 2004. She is an active partner of Lamb of God Christian Center and the lead for "The King’s Youth", the LGCC teen ministry. Minister Sabrina’s vision is to teach, inspire and mentor today's youth to be successful in their Christian walk and develop into confident and successful adults.
Dr. Vishal B. Patel

Minister Lonzetta Davis

Minister Lonzetta Davis, better known as Ms. Lonnie to the children, has dedicated more than 20 years to teaching. Ms. Lonnie graduated from the Ministry Training Institute in 2004 and began teaching God’s children the Word of God with simplicity; precept by precept, line upon line, building a firm foundation on which God can build a prosperous life. As the lead teacher for the "Little Lambs" Ms. Lonnie’s motto is from Proverbs 22:6 – "Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it."
Dr. Vishal B. Patel

Minister Nicole Meaders

Minister Nicole has been involved with teaching Sunday School for more than 20 years. As a graduate of the Ministry Training Institute, Minister Nicole has a passion for assuring that children have a strong relationship with the Lord at a young age.
Dr. Vishal B. Patel

Minister Marlon Overstreet

Minister Marlon has been involved in the Ministry of Worship since childhood when he self-taught the keyboard in order to play with the choir at his family’s church. A God-gifted musician and vocalist, Minister Marlon leads the LGCC Praise Team: Anointed Voices of God. Minister Marlon is a Phoenix native, he and his wife Sparkle are the proud parents of three lively boys.

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